it’s time to upcycle and recycle, pull all those household bit’s together you have laying around to make your own banjo box!

The marvellous music maker Sev will be showing you how to make your very own rubber band box banjo which can easily be created by recycling items found around the home.
Once you have made your rubber band banjo box, Sev will then teach you how to play one of our favourite melodies to accompany the magical story of Sara, perfect for any story time!

Suitable for 5+ years old’s and their families.

Get prepared and gather the following list of materials and tools you will need;
• Shoe box
• Elastic bands
• Two pens or pencils
• Scissors
• Stickers
• Paper clips
• Colourful sticky tape
• Stamps

Digital Workshop

Banjo Box Craft Activity

Banjo Box Melody Tutorial

We can’t wait to see your banjo box creations, share them with us on our Facebook page!